Cyber Bullies…Keyboard Warriors…Trolls…

Are you getting frustrated with these kind of personalities? Well I used to get so riled up by them! It used to make me feel so down then I will slip into horrible mood swings! Of late I’ve learnt to put on a tougher side & say bugger it! If they don’t know how to behave themselves, why should I keep them in my friend list? 

Most of the time such personalities act out like that coz I think they used to get picked on and bullied so they thought that this is the best way to get back at people to make them feel BIG! But that is so wrong! They should know better! If they don’t like getting picked on, they should stop picking on others!  It’s not the right way! 

If you’re a cyber bully & you’re reading this, stop what you’re doing to innocent people go for counselling! 

How do I stop such people from getting to me? Well for a start I will click restrict. If they still don’t know how to behave, I just need to press 2 buttons. Delete. Block. Done!! No headache!! 

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