Why Some Caucasians Dislike Eating Plain White Rice?

I married an Englishman and he seriously dislikes eating Steamed White Rice. Everytime when I cook white rice he will find it so hard to eat that sometimes he takes an hour just to finish up the plate of rice with dishes that I’ve cooked for lunch or dinner. 

But interestingly, everytime when I cook Fried Rice, he will polish up whatever thats on the plate pretty quickly & sometimes will ask for seconds. 

Is the taste of plain white rice really that bad? Just a thought, if we mix the dishes into the white rice & mix it all around, won’t that make it seem like fried rice too? 

It’s just natural that when one is married to an Asian, white rice will once awhile make an appearance on the menu. But we’ve just got to make sure that it don’t appear too often if we are married to an Englishman. 

Here are some interesting input that I’ve gathered from some of my friends on Facebook. 

Those in my house like it. Extended family from my hubby side all like it. ~ Chai Hong Leow

Huh but my Caucasian friends love plain white rice. ~ Angel Ng

Bcos they are white so to say they prefer something more colourful n not so plain white … just my hypothesis with a tinge of humour. My niece’s American boyfriend preferred fried rice to plain white rice. ~ Anna Wong

Tasteless kot ~ Raymond Wong

Plain rice is just starchy n tasteless unlike savoury rice. ~ Chan Ida

My Dutch relatives dun mind, enjoyed our nasi lemak & malaysian dishes includes chicken feet w white rice. ~ Noble PII

I’m not Caucasian, but I don’t care for white rice either… I guess it all depends with what you are used to eat since young. White rice just doesn’t taste like anything. If you make it with heaps of garlic and salt it’s ok to eat with saucy foods but just boiled rice tastes like nothing. ~ Fernanda Mello


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  1. ligurl27 says:

    I think Caucasians are used to more flavoursome things – my husband (who is an Aussie Caucasian) is the same. He doesn’t mind eating white rice but as long as there’s enough kuah to cover the rice. Whereas my son (who’s turning 3 in Aug) loves eating white rice – must be my genes haha.

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