Bad Habits 

Many of us grew up with all kinds of bad habits that have doubled or tripled throughout the years! Many a times we won’t realise that it’s a bad habit till its brought to our attention. Some will choose to change & some will choose to just brush it aside. 

Some bad habits can be extremely annoying when its repeated over & over again. 

If a bad habit is brought to our attention, we have to take note & choose to change. The earlier the better. For if we don’t, once we get married, it will start to really annoy our partner. 

There are so many kinds of bad habits. For example: Smoking, Drinking, Biting our nails, Swearing, Road Rage, Womanising & so many more. 

If we are aware what our bad habits is by now, it’s time to try our very best to stop it as soon as we can. 

All the best!!  


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