Why Are Girls Attracted to Bad Boys? 

Have you ever wondered why are girls attracted to bad boys? Well I have! I’ve seen so many who got their heart badly broken! The worst thing is, they did not walk into such relationships with their eyes closed! They walked right in with both eyes wide open. Totally aware of what they are doing! What a silly sausage! 
Let’s go back to the question. Why are girls attracted to bad boys? Coz they are just looking for a fling & not for a long term relationship? 
Getting our heart broken is not a beautiful sight! Why then do girls go ahead with it? Why would any girl want to be used by such group of people knowing that eventually they will get cast aside like an expired product once the bad boy gets bored with them. 
I personally have got many very nice guy friends who are still single & looking. They are finding it hard to find someone to share their life with. Why can’t girls pick them instead? They are not only blessed with good looks but has awesome personality, loving, caring & is very secured in their job. They’ve got loads to offer, but sadly instead of dating them, girls are more interested in dating the bad boys who only views them as a sex object. Is that seriously supposed to be a turn on? What say you? 


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  1. I know right! check out my blog post, I think I’ve worked it out: https://theholyfail.co.uk/2016/03/31/why-we-do-we-love-the-bad-boys/


    1. Just read what you wrote dearie. I seriously hope that you’ve stopped going out with guys who do not know how to love & appreciate you. Time to loved by the good guys 😊

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  2. The Career Ms says:

    Because bad boys are fun.



    1. Why so? Care to elaborate.

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      1. The Career Ms says:

        Hi Karen,
        I totally agree with your post. But you post also agrees with my point, bad boys are fun.

        No they are very much NOT husband material and I would never date a bad boy in any meaningful way, but I do feel a girls right of passage is to have a fling with a bad boy, but as you rightly say enter the relationship at arms length and don’t expect him to behave.

        Love Cathy



      2. Well said Cathy. Bad boys are definitely not husband material. Yes they are more fun but try not to let them take advantage of you too much ok 😊

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  3. 30's Dater says:

    Masculine guys that actually act like men are supposed to get labeled as “bad boys”. Women are biologically hard wired to obviously want masculine men. In the 50’s, for example, this was the norm. But since then men have been preached to be feminine (watch a modern romance move, versus an old one, you’ll see what I mean). Nice, modern, feminine men get rejected. Women don’t want a girl with a penis.

    Hope that answers your question.


    1. The Career Ms says:

      Hi 30’s Dater,

      I am not sure you understand the premise. Women love a bad boy not because he is overtly masculine, I have dated some of the toughest guys – who have turned out to be the most caring. Masculinity is not a determining factor of behaviour.

      The idea of a bad boy in a women mind is someone exciting, fun, dangerous. It is about the whirlwind of parties, sex drugs and rock and roll. Why wouldn’t a girl want a little taste of that. As for your point a ‘girl with a penis’ again I think you miss the point.

      Kind regards



      1. 30's Dater says:

        Hi, No, I haven’t “missed the point”. You described a few facets of a masculine guy, actually acting like a guy. A masculine guy isn’t some macho prick, if that’s what you’re thinking the term means? It means NOT blowing up her phone, putting her on a pedestal, smothering, obsessing, treating like a GF in the early dating stage, jealous etc. These guys call themselves “nice guys” and its no wonder they always “finish last” in comparison to a masculine man. These conversations rarely go over well with women, so I get it. Women have had the same crap rammed down their throats too, they think they should fall for a nice guy, but back to where I mentioned “hard wired”.

        Good day.


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