Melbourne at Night

Melbourne at Night

This is a wonderful night shot I took of Melbourne almost a year ago. There are many great places to capture the night lights reflected in the River Yarra and Birraung Mar on the North Bank is one of them. You don’t even need a tripod either if you use one of the many walls to rest your camera. One trick I use is to set the timer to take the picture after a few seconds as this avoids camera shake and a blured image. Another option is a remote shutter release.

The main thing I was aiming for when composing this picture was to get the reflection of the skyscrapers in the mighty Yarra. Even now I am amazed at the things I see in this photo including seagulls on the left and the details under the bridge. The tallest skyscraper off centre is the Rialto Towers which were once the tallest towers in Melbourne, but now eclipsed by the Eureka Tower on the Southbank.

Melbourne truly is a photographer’s delight and the night does not disappoint either. In fact our wonderful city seems to come alive at night – in more ways than one with all its bars, coffee shops, restuarants and places to walk along the river.

So take your camera, tripod if you have one, and enjoy what our lovely city has to offer.


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