Do Not Look Back! 

We’ve got to learn to let go of things that does not bring us peace & joy. Do not look back. Just look towards the future. Lay it down & let our good Lord guide us. I’m the type who chose to focus on everything that I do. I do not like to be told to take a u-turn to go back to things that have brought me sadness & grief. It’s always easier to let go of the past. Learn from the lesson on what went wrong then move on. That’s the best approach that I’ve learnt in life. It’s our life. We should not let anyone dictate how our life should be. We are not obliged to. We should be open to listen when it comes from our parents, grandparents and very close friends, for some can be very good advise. But always remember we’ve got to be wise & discern what’s best for us.  

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