Cheesy & Creamy Broccoli Soup 

3 Broccoli Heads 

2 Big Brown Onions 

250g Cottage Cheese

150g Campbell’s Light Cooking Cream 

1 heap spoonful Butter 

4 Cups Campbell’s Chicken Stock 

2 Cups Water 

10 twigs of Fresh Thyme    

Salt to taste 

Cracked Black Pepper 

1tbsp Chicken Stock (Powder) *optional 

1. Chop broccoli’s & brown onions into smaller pieces

2. Pop them into a big pot. Pour in Chicken Stock, Water & add on Seasonings. 

3. Boil for 45mins till chicken stock is slightly reduced & vegetables is soften up. 

4.  Pour away 90% of the balance of Chicken Stock. Use just 10% for your soup. Use a stick blender or Ninja it up into a nice & smooth paste. 

5. Pour it back into the pot. Add on the Butter, light Cooking Cream & Cottage Cheese. 

6. Serve it as is or with toasted bread. Enjoy! 

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