Cheesy Gnocchi 


4 Medium Size Potatoes 

Handful Shredded Cheese

1 Egg 

5 heaps spoonful Plain Flour 

Cracked Black Pepper 

1. Boil/Steam/Microwave Potatoes

2. Once it’s soft. Mash it a little with the masher or fork

3. Transfer it into a blender. Add the shredded cheese & cracked black pepper & blend 

4. Add the Egg & blend

5. Add flour on the clean table 

6. Put the potato mixture on the flour & gently fold the flour into the potato mixture 

7. Roll it into a long dough & cut it into bite sizes

8. Roll it then into small balls, add some flour into it if it’s slightly sticky & use the fork to make a fork mark on it

9. Boil water with a pinch of salt. Once it boils, add the gnocchi’s into it one after another

10. Once the Gnocchi’s is cooked, it will float to the top. Plate it with anything that you like. I plated mine with Beef Casserole in Red Wine. Enjoy! 😋

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