Mince Meat Dumplings


500g Mince Meat (Pork/Chicken/Beef) 

2 Eggs 

Minced Shiitake Mushrooms (Optional) 

Handful of Spring Onions

2tbsp Soy Sauce 

Dash of White Pepper 

Dumpling Skins 

3-4tbsp Cooking Oil

3-4tbsp Water 

1. Mix all the ingredients together 

2. Scoop 1tbsp of Mince Meat Paste onto the dumpling skin

3. Fold it up in any shape that you prefer 

4. Heat the wok/pan with Cooking Oil 

5. Once the oil is hot, layout the dumplings 

6. Let it heat up in the wok/pan till the bottom of the dumpling starts to turn slightly light brown 

7. Add  3-4tbsp Water & cover it up with a cover to steam it for 8-10mins 

8. Serve it hot from the wok/pan with Dumpling Sauce or Chilli Sauce. Enjoy! 

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