I’m A Rice Lover! I loooooove Rice! But it’s FATTENING! What to do? 

Being brought up as a Chinese – Malaysian. I naturally learn to love eating rice. It’s our staple food. But of late my Blood Pressure (BP) has been going nuts! With that I have no choice but to change my diet & to start to be more careful with what I choose to put into my mouth. I’ve always loved eating Jasmine Rice. But that will have to be eaten much lesser from now on. 

Today I decided to give Basmati Rice a try. It turned out OK. Not as fragrant but pretty nice! The best part of it is…its LOW GI!! 

Instead of cooking 1 cup of rice to 1 cup of water like what I do with Jasmine Rice. I just have to add more water. 1 cup of Basmati Rice to 2 cups of water. It’s more expensive but if it’s better for our health & can help to bring down our weight why not right? 

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  1. ligurl27 says:

    While basmati is healthy, I still prefer the taste of white jasmine rice haha! Old habits die hard!


    1. Yeah! I love Jasmine very much too! But for health reasons…I now have to switch to eating more basmati 😔

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