Raising Up Children

Raising up children is never easy. On many occasions one can feel like we are always on a roller coaster ride. With unending rides which makes us feel somewhat restless & exhausted. We’ve got to remind ourselves that we were once that little. And I bet we were all also a handful! I would like to salute ALL PARENTS! It shows how courageous we are in taking on the task. I would like to say hats off & a big salute & respect to our parents, grandparents & great grandparents. Back then before TV or gadgets like iPads…iPhones & ect was invented…it must’ve been even harder to keep their little ones entertained. Yes it’s very draining…yes we are exhausted…yes we will loose our cool! But we’ve got to remind ourselves that God has entrusted this little one in our care. No matter how tired & agitated we are, we are to present ourselves as a role model to our little one. When we are angry, put our little one in his or her cot, scream it out or cry if we must. Once we are more calm then only pick our little one up. It’s never wrong to do that. We need to do things like that to continue to be sane. Do not ever let this get to us & end up screaming at each other. That never helps. A mother will always need all the help that she can get when Bubs is acting out. Being proactive is always a welcome gesture. So all fathers, please understand & be around to offer help as much as you can. Your wife is going through a very tiring stage of being very sleep deprived. She will need all the help that she can get. 

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