Are You Putting On A Mask? 

Pride sadly is something that has invaded many of our lives. I’ve never been one who projects myself as everything is ok when it’s not ok. What’s the point of doing that then to feel miserable? Right! What’s the point of putting on a mask that everything is A-ok when it’s not. Is it to save face? Seriously la…everyone have got to learn to be real! We are human!! We are not perfect! Everything can go hay-wire once awhile! Nothing to be ashamed about! If anyone wanna say something bad about me behind my back I will say go right ahead! It’s their mouth! It’s beyond my control!As long as my conscience is clear & I know that I’ve done nothing wrong they can go right ahead & talk all the nonsense that they want behind my back! God is my judge. I just wanna be happy. If trying to bring others down makes them happy, they seriously need to make an appointment with a shrink! Some screws might need tightening! Hàhaha 😜😜

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