Motherhood In A Nutshell

A “Mother” is born when a baby is born. 

All mothers are faced with different kinds of challenges from the moment we stepped into “Motherhood”. 

No child is the same. With that approach would have to be different with every child.

Day in day out we will be receiving comments left right & centre on how we should raise our kid. Some were presented lovingly, where else some will tell it to our face that their way is the ONLY RIGHT WAY on how to raise our child. I sadly had to unfriend some on my Facebook when they try to run my life by telling me that I HAVE TO FOLLOW only their way! Why should I really? I’m raising my boy the way that my parents brought me up. That works for me. So they’ve got to take a hike if they try to force their way on me. Have you experienced people like that? They are horrible! Such trolls! 

Motherhood as agreed by ALL mothers, is the hardest job in the world! But is the most rewarding! For we are blessed with smiles, giggles & hugs. To our child, we are their world! That itself is precious! 

Our babies grows up so very quickly! 

Till today it still feels like my boy just arrived yesterday! A tiny little premie who was only slightly over 2kgs. Time flew past! I still cannot believe that my boy has already turned 1!! And I’m already starting to miss the smaller version of him!!

Can’t wait to continue to see him achieve all the milestones in his life. Can’t believe that in a few years time he will already be going to school. Then with a blink of an eye…he will already be going to college…to start work…to fall in love…then to get married. 

I pray that God will grant me a nice strong body to be able to live a nice long life, enough for to welcome my grand children and be with them for as long as I can on this earth. I know that that’s still very far away…but it’s good to start dreaming 😊

Children is such a beautiful blessing!! 😍

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