I am on call 24/7. With very short rest time in between.  

There’s so much to do, that it’s hard to complete all that needs to be done.

Do I get frustrated? 

Do I feel tired? 

Do I complain? 

Oh yes I do. Coz like you, I’m just human. 

But do I want it any other way? 


For family…they are my life. 

Even when I’m tired, I still love to look lovingly at my baby when he is sleeping. 

Given a choice, I will do it all over again. 

Every child is different. 

With that, what works for one family, it might not work for another. 

We are not equipped with a manual. 

With that we have got to raise our child in ways that we know would be best for them. 

Remember to bless mothers with words of encouragement. 

Instead of pulling us down with negative words that brands us like we are a failure. 

We need loads of encouragement to keep us going strong.

I would like to SALUTE ALL MOTHERS. 

We’ve got the hardest job in the world but we are blessed with pure love from our child. 

We are their world.

Press on. 

We can do this!!

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