Craving for something Malaysian? 

If you’re craving for something Malaysian, do make sure that you call to make a booking at Satay Inn.
Satay Inn is located at Kew and has been around for more then 40 years now. It’s run by a very hardworking Owner & Chef, Mr. Tiow Peng Lim, or fondly called by many as TP.
When a restaurant can survive for so many years when many more that have opened up after them have wrapped up their business, that itself will have you thinking, there’s something special about this restaurant in order for them to be around that long & still standing strong.
Back in June I called & made a booking with TP for dinner for a table of 5. We ordered yummy Nasi Lemak, Char Kuey Teow, Crab, Curry Fish, Roti Banana, Roti Nutella & was served with Kratans very famous Teh Tarik. One thing that I love about the Teh Tarik is that it’s beautifully creamy & not overly sweet! It was just nice! When I’m back in Kuala Lumpur for a holiday to spend time with my family, I will always have to inform the Mamak, “Kurang Manis ah!!”. Reason is because they’ve got the tendency to fill the condense milk up till nearly half of the cup! I wonder why? Condense milk is very cheap in Malaysia ah? Haha. But when we are here at Satay Inn, it’s a relief that we do not need to worry about it being too sweet! Here’s a video of Chef Kratan (formerly from India Delights and Rich Maha), giving us a Teh Tarik Demo.

A few weeks after our June visit, two groups who are called Malaysians in Melbourne (MIM) & Global Malaysian Network (GMN) decided to organise a get-together for a Malaysian Buffet for $25 per person. We chose to arrive earlier so that we can reserve the seats that we want. In doing so, we also got to capture TP in action, grilling the succulent Satay’s. Here he is in action (Video).

We then took a video & some pictures of the façade – see slideshow below. Then I had a chance to have a chat with TP on how it really is being in this very competitive food business? His reply was, we are the only restaurant in Melbourne who practices, Money Back Guarantee (MBG). If any of my customers are not happy with what that they’ve been served, then they are more then welcome to leave without paying for it. I then asked him, have you ever encountered very difficult customers, ones who complains a lot? Then TP replied, “Being in this line, you win some, you lose some. It’s just natural that we cannot satisfy everyone’s taste buds. But throughout the years we’ve been having very loyal customers who have been coming back for another dose of our meals.”

Going back to the lunch that was organised by our MIM / GMN ‘Taiko’s’ (big brother) Albert Tay & David Cheah. That day, we had in total 52, mostly adults & a few kids.
We were all glad that it was held on a mild winter’s day. The freshly grilled satays were the highlight of the day! It was so tender & succulent. The satays were thick & juicy. And the satay sauce was very rich & nice too! I kinda wished that we were served with more yummy satays to go around. The buffet dishes were Barramundi Curry Mamak Style, Beef Rendang, Sayur Lodeh, Sotong Asam Pedas, Nasi Briyani, Steamed Rice and Pulut Hitam. Fresh fruits and juice were also at the tables. The Sotong was beautifully tender. The Fish Curry and the Beef Rendang were great too. A good meal to go with the good company. Of course Kratan did a great Teh Tarik demo at the conclusion of the awesome buffet meal.

The Satay Inn is at 100 Denmark Street, Kew, Melbourne, 3101
Telephone: +61 3 9853 5153

Check out their website below, and you can even order their amazing Malaysian food online with your credit card. Delivery is currently to Abbotsford, Alphington, Auburn, Auburn South, Deepdene, Fairfield, Hawthorn, Hawthorn East, Kew, Kew East, Kooyong, and Richmond.

Satay Inn’s Website

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