Mother Know’s Best! 

When a Baby is born, a Mother is also born. We are not provided with a manual but we are equipped with motherly instincts & motherly love. We will give our all to raise our little angels in the way that we were brought up by our parents, which is with loads of love and loads of care. We will receive all kinds of ideas thrown our way. Some can be used & some can’t. What works for one baby, doesn’t mean that it will work the same for all. With that we will need to know how to sieve out what’s usable & push aside whatever that does not go well for our child. At the end of the day, we’ve got to remind ourself that he or she is OUR BABY. We as a mother will know what’s best for our baby. For the bond that a Mother and Child shares is extremely special. Our baby is the only one who knows how our heartbeat sounds like from the inside. Do not let others dictate how we should raise our child. Mother Knows

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