Fried Squid With Salted Egg Yolks

I Small Plate of Squids

2 Salted Egg Yolks

2tbsp of Kentucky Flour

1 Egg

1tbsp Butter

4tbsp Cooking Oil

Handful of Curry Leaves & 1-2 Chilli Padi’s (I did not add it coz I did not have it when I was cooking it) 

1. Microwave of boil Salted Egg Yolks till cooked & mash it

2. Marinade Squids with Egg, then mix in the Kentucky Flour

3. Melt the Butter with Mashed Salted Egg

4. Heat oil in pan/wok, then throw in the squids

5. Once squids is nice & crunchy, remove it from oil & mix it into the Butter + Salted Egg Mixture

6. Serve it hot so that its nice & crunchy

7. Enjoy!!

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