Can You Stand Out? Yes YOU CAN! 

Many a times we have the habit of talking ourselves down. There are others out there who can do better then me! Why should I…I’m not that talented! Look at him…look at her…they are so talented! Me…I’m just simple me…there’s nothing special about me. 

We seriously have to STOP speaking negative about ourselves & others! God made ALL of us SPECIAL! We are EQUAL!! None more talented then another! We’ve all been blessed with various kinds of gifts from God. If you have no idea what you might be good at…it’s time to start to discover that. To some, you may already know what your talents are but you’re too shy to step forward to get it started. Don’t procrastinate any longer. Always remember, “You’re SPECIAL!!”. Don’t let anyone say otherwise!! It’s time for you to stand up & “Shine”. Let’s all focus to make the world a better place to live in!! 

I took this photo at my backyard. This is just a humble little flower. Standing up & shining brightly. Let that represend you in your life. SMILE! There’s so much to live for!! 

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