The Great Ocean Road

Back in February whilst my darling wife and son were in Malaysia I did a few road trips alone. One great trip was a Sunday afternoon drive to Port Campbell and the Great Ocean Road.

My first stop was a little drive West of Port Campbell township. It is a place called the Grotto and this rock formation is one I’ve never visited before and it was certainly worth the visit to see this spectacular formation created by the relentless waves crashing against the coast.

The next stop was the London Arch formerly London Bridge. Part of this amazing natural structure fell down many years ago leaving some tourists stranded. They had to be lifted out via helicopter.

The roar of the waves crashing against the rocks was superceeded by the howl of the very cold wind from the South. The chill over Bass Straight meant I had to rug up in the middle of summer!

Back in my warm car I uploaded a few photos from my phone to Instagram and Facebook for the world to see. Then it was a short drive back through Port Campbell to the 12 Apostles. Well worth a visit is Loch Ard Gorge which I left out on this trip as I’d been there many times before.

The 12 Apostles are an amazing formation of stacks to the East of Port Campbell. There is a car park and visitor centre here, and one can even charter a helicopter ride to see the wonderful spectacle of nature from above. I can’t wait to do this one day.

These rock formations were named after the 12 Apostles of Jesus Christ and now only 8 remain, the most recent crashing into the sea about 8 years ago. Of course I took loads of amazing photos and got many great shots with my Canon DSLR.

Following the usual 12 Apostles viewing area I tried something new – a quick drive to the Gibsons Steps car park and the swift walk down the steps to the beach. As the sun was almost setting the views on the beach of the nearby rock stacks were amazing. The walk along the beach was well worth it and was the main reason I came all this way from Melbourne. The steps are not too step and I would recommend going down to anyone. You will not be disappointed.

All in all this was an awesome trip despite the long drive from Melbourne and is a must for anyone visiting the Victorian Capital.

Please enjoy more of my photos below and maybe take the journey to the 12 Apostles yourself.


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