What’s the hardest job in the world? Being a Mother. 

Being a mother is the hardest job in the world. Some may say why is it so? It’s not really our kids who makes it hard, yes they do try to push the boundaries sometimes. But it’s really the comments by others that brings us down. I know that I’m not the only one who gets affected this way. Many will say don’t let such words get to us, but let’s be real, how not to. As mothers, we strive every second to give our ultimate best to our kids. Everyone have got to remember that every child is different and has different requirements in their upbringing. And each and everyone of us is put through different kinds of struggles. Not everyone is brought up with gold or silver spoon in our mouth. Or brought up with help. We cannot just snap our fingers and have everything that we want. Many of us have to single handedly prep and do everything on our own. Some of us have to scream and save, brushing away what we need for ourselves, so that we can provide the best that we can for our kids. We’ve got to make sure we always taste our words before coughing it out. Picture yourself at the receiving end. If those words that you’re thinking of saying will bring you down if it’s said to you, keep it! 

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